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at my local coffee shop

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The holidays are a busy time, a time we look forward to, and sometimes a stressful time. Those of us who are readers, sometimes retreat into our fictional world. It’s a nice place where people care about one another, the girl meets the boy, and there’s always a happy ending. If you’re needing that kind of entertainment, use the Books/Booklist button above. Books also make a great holiday gift, and you can gift ebooks as well as paperbacks!

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This is a special time of year, a time of holidays and celebrations, family and faith. We can learn to do that more simply from the Amish. It is possible to avoid the stress of the holidays! My prayer as you click around my page and read my books is that you will be reminded of the peace and joy and love and grace of our Lord.


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Amish Holidays

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amish-buggyOne of the most frequent questions I get is: How do the Amish celebrate holidays?

The short answer is “it depends.” Different communities celebrate different ways. Each family has their own traditions. But there are some common things that you’ll find in an Amish home if you were to stop by on Thanksgiving:

  • The meal will be a potluck. Remember Amish families are quite large, so one woman wouldn’t try to cook the entire thing.
  • Families do get together. They usually live close to one another, see each other often, and eat together for holiday meals.
  • There will be lots of youngsters. I mean a lot. The average Amish family has 8-10 children, and each of those grow up and marry and have 8-10 children. One sweet Amish woman I met told me she had 42 grandchildren!
  • There will be games. The Amish love to play games–everything from Checkers to Dutch Blitz to Jenga to board games.
  • Amish folks like to be outside, so you’re likely to see them playing baseball or jumping on the trampoline. It’s also common to find them fishing and hunting when they have a day off.
  • And remember, there’s no television. Chances are you won’t find men sitting around watching a football game, though you still might find them asleep in their recliner.

One of the reasons that I like to write about the Amish is that it reminds me to simplify my life, to pay more attention to the people around me, and to focus on my faith. I hope that this holiday season you are able to do the same.



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