ah releaseRELEASE DAY!

Authors love release day. It’s the day we are able to share what we’ve worked on for over a year with readers. It’s a celebration day!

I’m so happy to share with you the release of An Amish Harvest, and thrilled to be writing with Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, and Kathleen Fuller. All of these books center around fall in Amish country–a time of cool nights, fresh food, and of course…harvest.

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I’ll be sharing about my novella, Mischief in the Autumn Air, on my next blog post … so sign up in the blog notifications to the right, or check back.


In other news:

Brian’s Choice is now 99 cents. This is a 70 page prequel to my Plain & Simple Miracle series, and it is only available in ebook format. You can read about it here.

Anna’s Healing is on sale for $2.99. This book was a Christy Award finalist. If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you’ll give it a try.

Sarah’s Orphans, the final release in my Plain & Simple Miracles series, releases on 8/30/16.

Deep Shadows continues to have all 5 star reviews. Thank you! Romantic Times magazine called it “riveting.” Purchase at Amazon ** B&N ** CBD. Price is currently under $9 for print and ebook at Amazon and CBD, and B&N may match that price so check it out.

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From the Back Porch

5 Ways to UnPlug

Amish fiction, Christian living

So I tried an experiment last week. I unplugged. Completely. I didn’t check my email, or log into Facebook. I didn’t tweet, and I didn’t post pictures to Instagram. Wow!!! This was a big step for me. (I did pre-post some things to Facebook and Twitter, so you know…no one would forget me.)

Have you ever done this? It was eye-opening for me. I had reached the point where I was “checking things” constantly. Even late at night, or first thing in the morning. I learned some awesome things:

  • The world doesn’t end when I don’t read the news
  • My head got quieter, like, there was peace and quiet in there
  • I had to talk to people when I was in line at the store
  • At first I kept reaching for my phone, and then I’d realize that I didn’t need to touch it if it didn’t ring!
  • I spent more time with friends, family, and my pets, and I was more “present” while I was with them.

Now I’m not saying that any of these things are bad, but for me the habit was out of control. So how can you unplug? It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing deal. You could just reduce if you feel it’s overwhelming you. But where do you start?

  1. Make the decision to only check your e-mail once a day. If anyone needs me urgently, they’ll call.
  2. Go on to Facebook once a day and scan quickly. You don’t have to read/like/comment on every post. Just tag in and out.
  3. If you TWEET or INSTAGRAM, you don’t have to do that every day either. Every meal doesn’t have to be shared. You don’t have to take a selfie at every event. It’s actually kind of nice to keep some things private.
  4. It’ll only feel strange for the first few days.
  5. Spend the time you would be on-line doing something else–pet your dog, work on the craft project you abandoned, finish a book in your TBR pile. Do the things you like to do.

So how about you? Have you ever tried to unplug? Why or why not? And what was the result? There’s a comment button next to the title of this blog. If you’re receiving it in email, just click on the link and then look next to the title. I’d love to hear from you!

Amish Harvest pre-order promo_FINALAnnouncements for this week:

  • Brian’s Choice is on sale for 99 cents. This is a lovely 76 page novella that introduces my Plain & Simple Miracles series.
  • Anna’s Healing, the first full length book in the series and a Christy Award finalist, is on sale for $2.99.
  • An Amish Harvest will release in 6 days, and my publisher is offering a TREAT BOX to the first 100 readers who pre-order.
  • Deep Shadows is now available in print and ebook. **Amazon ** B&N ** CBD. And the price has stayed below $9 for most vendors, so get your copy today!

Also, my Rafflecopter giveaway is live, and I think you’re going to love this month’s Prize Package. Details on my main webpage, so stop by and check us out!



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