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christmas saleIsn’t the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas special? I love the focus on family and faith.  I realize that most of us do not enjoy the perfect holiday shown in every commercial–and yet we all have much to be thankful for.

So I thought I’d jump on the celebration band-wagon and offer a different special for each week from now through the new year. Hopefully there will be something here that you like. This week’s special is both of my Christmas books. These two stories have the same cast of characters, and they both take place as Annie’s family celebrates the birth of our Lord.

I’ll also include a personalized Christmas card. This price is only good here on my webpage, but rest assured I will not see your payment information–you’ll be directed to the secure Paypal website. Just fill in the AUTOGRAPH TO box below and click BUY NOW, and we’ll slip these in the mail to you. And check back each week for a different special from now until 2015.



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A Plain & Simple Thanksgiving

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DSCN4918It’s amazing to me how popular Amish books are. I’m often asked “why” and the best answer I have is that many of us are a bit overwhelmed. We like the simplicity of the Amish life–the lack of traffic jams, ringing phones, blaring televisions, and mega-shopping. We like the idea that life can/could be simpler.

So what about Thanksgiving? Do the Amish celebrate it? YES, they do. Is there celebration different than ours? Probably. Here are a few differences. Remember, my observations are from visiting with Amish in Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Oklahoma. You may have experienced something different.

  1. The Amish do join with other family members to celebrate Thanksgiving.
  2. They don’t travel far though–only family members who live nearby get together. In general, Amish don’t “go home” for the holidays . . . but of course they do stay in touch via letters, etc.
  3. They don’t purchase a lot of pre-cooked items.
  4. They usually have a devotional time on the morning of Thanksgiving.
  5. Everyone contributes to the meal–one person doesn’t try to do it all.
  6. Afterwards, they play games or visit (remember–there are no televisions in the home).
  7. There are lots of folks helping with the clean-up after the meal.

Kind of simple. Right? Yeah, I like that too. I hope that this holiday season, you are able to find the plain and simple joys that come from your family, friends and faith.



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