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Murder Tightly KnitHappy December! How are your holiday plans going? I hope this day finds you with your shopping nearly done, your friends and family close, and your heart glad with the Good News of the birth of our Lord.

Murder Tightly Knit is now available! This is a cozy mystery set in the town of Middlebury, Indiana. There’s a murder, and a mystery, and a sleuth who sometimes makes the wrong decisions and finds herself in dire situations. But there’s also faith, community and always God’s grace.  You can read more about Murder Tightly Knit here, where you’ll find a complete description as well as links to order the book. There are also SEVERAL ebook specials going on this month. The best place to find those is at Amazon or BN. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few of the early reviews for Murder Tightly Knit:

“This novel has just the right amount of suspense; it keeps readers engaged in the story with just the right amount of pacing. This is a fun read for both mystery and Amish fiction readers.” ~Romantic Times

“MURDER TIGHTLY KNIT is a masterfully crafted tale of suspense and romance.” ~Fresh Fiction

In this second installment of Chapman’s cozy series (after Murder Simply Brewed), the Carol Award-winning author adeptly fleshes out her characters and weaves in facts about the Amish faith without overwhelming the narrative. Readers of inspirational fiction and fans of Beverly Lewis will delight in this gentle mystery.” ~Library Journal

Now doesn’t that sound like a fun read for a cold December night? Thank you for stopping by my webpage. May your December be filled with joy, peace, and the grace of our Lord.



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Christmas Memories

Christmas stories Comments: 8

v&cIsn’t it funny that we spend so much time looking for the perfect gift and attempting to create the perfect meal? When I look back, my favorite Christmas memories do not center around a specific present or an outstanding dinner (though I love my mother’s cooking). I guess my favorite Christmas memories all involve the people in my life.

This picture is of my son and I, on our way home from Dallas one Christmas. Yeah, Texas weather was warm that year. Many of my memories focus around people–

  • the way my dad would laugh as he handed out presents,
  • going to my grandparents on Christmas eve,
  • my son as a toddler, playing with the BOX his present came in,
  • midnight Christmas eve services in my husband’s hometown.

My mind is filled with many such memories, and yes I realize that I’m lucky to have had such a blessed life. Of course there were not-so-happy Christmas days, but somehow those memories fade behind the better ones. Perhaps that’s one of the blessings of getting older!

So today I thought we’d all share one of our favorite Christmas memories. You never know when something you share might encourage another person who is having a difficult year. So how about it? Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?



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