Murder Tightly Knit… and thank you for stopping by my official webpage. Murder Tightly Knit has been out almost a month, and I wanted to share with you some of the READER reviews.

  • “a huge part of the appeal of this series is the fact that the Amish and Englishers work in such a close environment.” ~Cindy
  • “This story stresses how important friendships, faith and God’s grace are to each one and is filled with surprises, suspense, and mystery” ~Tina
  • “I hope the author continues to challenge this unlikely duo with more mysteries to come. This is definitely a series worth reading!” ~K. McLaughlin

amazon sign upYou can read more about Murder Tightly Knit here, where you’ll find a complete description as well as links to order the book.

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Spiritual Resolutions

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IMG_0422New Years and Our Christian Walk

We’ve been talking about new year’s resolutions this month. We started with the UFO Challenge, then talked about Budgets and finally health resolutions. You can see all of those posts here.

Today I thought we’d talk about the most important resolutions of all — spiritual resolutions. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Well I suppose if we can “resolve” to finish our crafts, or be better stewards of our money, or take care of our health . . . then we can also “resolve” to nurture our spiritual life more. For example, you might commit yourself to —

  • Memorize 2 Bible verses a month
  • Read one Bible verse or passage a day
  • Allow yourself 15 minutes of quiet time each morning or evening
  • Pray for one another or for yourself

It’s easy to let our spiritual life take care of itself, sort of like my garden in the backyard. It’s winter. I don’t really need to do anything NOW do I? After all, I don’t need the garden now! However there are things that we can do in the winter for our gardens–we can plan for the next spring, order seeds or plants, cut back dead areas, clean around the base of plants. (Those of you in snow country might not be able to do those last two!) In a similar way, there are things we can do in our spiritual life to nurture and care for it.

What about you? Do you have any ideas? If so, please comment using the button next to this blog post title. Someone might need to hear what you have to say!



ps – the UFO challenge for January ends next week. Be sure to come back and post how you did, and I will draw one winner!

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